There is a sadness

There is a sadness

That grows

As a forest around a fairy-tale castle

Thorns spike

Vines choke

Blood and suffocation

A city street mimics this story

It cannot even path this melancholia without its billboard prescription

Praise to health and immortality

And to the never-ending distance of our truth


On God #1

The question of whether or not God exists is no longer a question. The question is, now: what does God DO? That is, what does God offer to our present understanding of the world? To be generous, perhaps, let’s not say, “nothing”. Instead, confounded by the childish conceit of belief in God, I will say: God is no longer Necessary: we can explain the creation of A universe without a God. The problem here: the question how did we get This universe? Nor is God Sufficient. God alone does not suffice to explain our world- other factors are required.So, God, being neither necessary or sufficient, becomes a luxury- an extraneous result, an added extra. Is this not contradictory to God’s nature.


With the increase of information, and the increase of availability to that information, the expectation of persons to be responsible for accessing that information has diminished. This is an example of a strange societal inversion process, which is mirrored in democratic practice. an inverse proportional sum. The decease in political responsibility, that is, democratic evolution, ought increase the personal responsibility of the individual; but we witness the opposite. The population increasingly stupefies as the politicians increasingly defer.

Quantised and discrete democratic voices.

True Democracy 
Equalising a voice: each voice in the world is equal to: 0.000000000143%. 

[times this by 7billion = 1]

The nation state must be seen only as a tool through which geographical placements provides an infrastructural prohibition for globalised democracy.

It is on the grounds of geographical locality that measures of inclusion are activated by the force of the infrastructural prohibitions.

Values, in a moral sense, are not geographically located; moreover, desire, freedom, etc., are also not geo-locatable. Certain trajectories of historical births of some concepts may been drawn, but at this time the drawn lines are likely to resemble a large ball of string wrapped around the entire globe: the origin of these lines appears trivial and slightly interesting for a narrative but not for model the contemporaneous importance of these concepts.
Quantised and discrete democratic voices.



Never let the system take on a life of its own.


Your mental states produce physically obvious scars- your face, your walk, etc.


“… the practice of freedom lies within evil, not beyond it, while the struggle for freedom is a struggle to conquer a good.” xxvii Preface; On Nietzsche; Bataille.


Multi-verse disprove God?


Pets: absolute freedom bent by our whim and will. 


No “I”, but “centre”.


The philosopher and the law entropy


“After two short decades of cynically unequal prosperity, it [Western Democracy/ capitalo-parliamentarian] is in the grip of a truly historical crisis and has to fall back on its ‘democratic’ pretensions, as it appears to have been doing for some time, with the help of walls and barbed-wire fences to keep out foreigners, a corrupt and servile media, overcrowded prisons and iniquitous legislation.” Badiou, pg. 4 ‘Preamble: What is Called Failure?’; The Communist Manifesto.